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Bug by importing DS2 files

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first of all excuse my English, please.

I use Express Scribe Pro 5.46 in German at Windows XP SP3.


I get a lot of DS2 files from my customers every day. Express Scribe Pro plays the most files normally. Playing some of the files the following effect happens:


Import of file with the dialog „Load file“ without any error message. Playing file stops at a fixed point. The time counter in the caption of the program continues but I can not hear anything.


If I import the file again this effect ist repeatable. Playing stops at the same point of the file. The time counter continues but I can not hear anything.


Now I have downloaded Switch Audio Converter 4.28. If I convert the same DS2 file with Switch Audio Converter to WAV the same effect results at the same point of the file. The Converting of this DS2 file with Switch Audio Converter works without any error message. But while playing in Express Scribe it stops at the same point.


This effect is repeatable for all affected files in Express Scribe Pro as in Switch Audio Converter at the same point.


The Software Philips SpeechExec Transcribe 5.0 SR4 plays the same DS2 file normally so I can eliminate a corruption of the DS2 file.


Now I have converted the same DS2 file to WAV using the software DSS File Converter (Voelker, TurboDictation: http://turbodictation.com/dssconverter.html). This DSS File Converter converts the file to WAV. If I load this converted WAV file in Express Scribe Pro it plays perfectly from beginning to the end of the file.


So I think the bug is not in the playing modul of Express Scribe Pro but in the converter modul of Express Scribe Pro and in the converter modul of Switch Audio Converter. I think it is the same converter modul and has the same bug converting DS2 files.


Unfortunately I can not upload such a DS2 file because I have to keep confidence to my customers.

Please repair this bug. Ask me if you have any questions to this description,


with best regards


Nora Richter (aka Lisa)

Microsoft MVP Word 2009 to 2011

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Half a year has lapsed since Nora's post and the PROBLEM still exists! Express Scribe Pro cuts off the audio on some DS2 file types (I have validated the DS2 file was good, not corrupted). I have been using ES fine, no problems, until I got a customer who wanted me to transcribe a DS2 file. NCH's web site misrepresents that Pro version is compatible with DS2 files so I downloaded the trial version. Kept cutting off the audio, attorneys kept trying to resend the file -- no luck. Spent more than 10 hours trying to download "converters' and work-around fixes which did not work (but did mess up my computer big time). Exhausted, exasperated, I had to tell the client I could not complete the assignment (and I probably lost the customer forever).


To add more insult, uninstalling the defective Pro software to go back to the basic, free version and whola -- no I have completely lost the use of my foot pedal. NCH is now holding me hostage - pay for the defective Pro version or basically lose the ability to transcribe (normally) with a foot pedal. A terrible disappointment. I will not be recommending and referring associates to NCH any longer. I used to rave about them. Terribly, utterly disappointed. It's hard enough to make a living doing transcription work in today's economy and having to add in all this aggravation makes it a living nightmare!

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I have paid for a Express Scribe Pro (v5.68) and we have problems to read DSS2 files...I have a lot of dss2 files to work on and i don't know how to do...

Like Michigan and lIsari, some files (don't know why??) are cutted at the half and we can't hear nothing after (not all the files are concerned by this issue). I see that even Switch Audio Converter can't do anything about it (hopefully i didn't buy any licence of this software...)

After some researchs, it seems that only http://ds2converter.com/ can successfully decode these files...

Maybe an admin can help us ?

Thanks in advance.

Platform : 

ExpressScribe 5.68 (Need to upgrade to 6.x ?)
Windows 8.1+ codecs (According to http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/fr/kb/1496.html)

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