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broadwave works except no audio on private or public

radiofm88 australia

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I brought broadwave v1.01 back in 2007 and set it up as a permanent streaming server on XP it takes a live 24/7 audio feed from studio. Then on monday 30th July 2012 this computer went down. We gave it a once over and reinstalled broadwave this computer server runs off the inbuilt sound on the motherboard and has done so for all these years. After reinstalling broadwave we jumped on computers that could access the public or private arena when we click the URL code the windows media player (our default player) will jump up and give us our banner and our notation to say your on live and we get green vertical bars going up and down but no audio what so ever.


I have put the audio feed jack into the line input on the streaming server and i have placed speakers into the line output on the streaming server and i can hear the audio feed so i know its working.


After doing all the soul searching for the last two days checking port forwarding on router, changing cables, adjusting audio feed, testing sound cards checking out the inbuilt mixer, windows mixer and thinking how did we do it all those years ago. I decided I would right this article and perhaps some one may have a solution.

So here i am sitting down at 10.28 pm at night having a cuppa and the penny dropped ... go on to the window mixer go to recording and go to line imput and tick the box .... hey presto .. the audio feed is coming through loud and clear.


I decided to leave this commentary on the forum just to give your fellas a reminder that it can be a simple tick in the box.


Cheers jeff

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