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Hi, I have been using EA for a number of years. Overall I find the software to be EXCEPTIONAL, in its operation as well as it's efficiency, resiliency against crashes, incredibly small file size.


What I am HORRIFIED with is what happened after installing the latest version.


When the install completed, my browser started up (as happens with NCH products), and I expected it to direct me to something on their site. Not this time. I was directed to a "survey" where I needed to answer "three simple questions" to go into a "draw" to win an iPad, MacBook or $500 VISA card.


At the end of the "survey", I choose my "prize" and have to enter a mobile phone number. The fine print graciously tells me that I am signing up to a subscription service and will be charged a weekly fee and other crap (I kinda switched off at this point) - YEAH - I am REALLY going to do that.


What the hell NCH? Have you REALLY decided to debase yourselves, to align yourselves with the DETRITUS of the internet, the opportunistic, predatory, money-grubbing scum of the internet?


I'm well aware that the response to this post can be "hey they are just making money, you can choose not to sign up, they tell you it's a subscription service, what's your problem, why can't people make money?"


Yup - the world is going down the toilet, everyone is in it for the money and will screw over ANYONE they can, and that's good business. I won't get caught out - EVER - but they will manage to hook a good number of brain dead people who believe they can get something for nothing. Good on them.




P.S. I'm a lonely girl in Ghana and would love to hook up with some wealthy white man who would look after me - you go to my web site and see me ok? You talk to me ok? We have good time ok? Me make you my only one ok? FTW


P.P.S. I wonder how long it will take before this post gets pulled.

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Guest romer-n-c-h

I am very sorry for you issues let me see if I can help you out.


I will put this bluntly. You have a redirect virus/Trojan.


This has nothing whatsoever to do with NCH software. You are correct that when your install completes we take you to our website, but, if your computer is infected with a Trojan that re-directs you to wherever the person who built the virus wants, you will not be taken to the NCH website, you will instead be redirected.


While I agree 100% that there are “ opportunistic, predatory, money-grubbing scum of the internet”, it isn’t us.


You picked up a virus somewhere and I would suggest doing multiple full scans of your system to find it. I will warn you in advance (as I have been in your shoes) that re-directs are notoriously difficult to A- Find and B- Kill. I have been working in the computer/IT/hardware/software industry for nearly 20 years and ended up having to reformat the last time I had one. Now, I am not a virus expert so please know that I am not giving you official advice, but this comes from experience. AntiMalware Bytes and “Hijack this” are two good places to start with scans.


Again, I am sorry that this has happened to you, but you have my word that this did not come from NCH, but from somewhere else you previously surfed.


Best of luck,


Dave Romer

NCH Software Technical/Customer Support and QA Lead

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I am an utter dick.


I don't get infections on my business machine - EVER. I am an IT guy by trade, my PC is carefully protected by good Antivirus/AntiMalware software, I am religiously careful what I do on the web, I don't fall for scams, nothing.


Malware/Spyware scans and Virus scans showed NOTHING. A clean PC.


My children NEVER get on this computer. They have ample other machines to use, and if they end up infected I blow them away and reimage them. They are my sacrifical anodes.


But the main PC they use died and I haven't had a chance to repair it. So my Son got on my PC while I was out.


I had NO idea of this until I installed the latest version of EA and my browser opened to direct me to nch.com.au - but this got hijacked and directed to a survey that was PERFECTLY attuned to the situation - "thanks for installing our software! Please fill out this survey" - it was even Aussie-oriented, the "survey" company listed themselves as Australian. What was a guy to think?


BUT - I just got directed to the SAME survey AGAIN!


I just checked my Firefox config and my Son had inadvertently installed the SweetIM addon pack for Firefox!


Argh. I'm a dick.


I have acted like an idiot, accusing NCH of wrongdoing where they did not do anything wrong. I humbly apologise for my foolishness and request that this thread be expunged from this site. I have no problem with looking like an idiot, I have acted like one, but I don't see why NCH should have to wear the blame if someone is to just read the original post without looking at my retraction.

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