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URGENT: *** Customer Getting Distressed ***


I purchased a license fo Axon virtual APX, and received the license key. I then activated the key online.


Subsequently I received an email telling me to enter details into the license key dialog. Which doesn't exist

for my installation of v2.21 of Axon PBX. There's no menu option whatsoever.


I raised a support email for this several days ago and there has been NO RESPONSE.


This software continues to show that it is unregistered. Come the day that it stops working (any day now)

seeing as I can't get help from NCH I shall be asking my CC company to issue a chargeback. And that will

cost NCH money. That's hardly my fault when I've paid for software which I can't apparently use and NCH

refuse to offer assistance.


Come on NCH, get your finger out and help this honest customer!

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let it expire and there's an option there to enter the registration code

or set the date forward enough so that it expires, and do the same thing.

Please be aware that Axon is a closed program there there will be no new features coming in the future.

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