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No Voice Prompts


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Have now purchased a license. Mostly working fine for incoming and outgoing calls. However I have a problem with internal voicemail.


Configuration is: Axon virtual PBX on server. Express Talk on client PC. Latest versions. Both installed and (mostly) working.


However I want to set up/use the Axon PBX internal voicemail system, and that's the bit that I can't seem to get working.


My Express Talk extension is 101. When I dial 500 (from ET x101) it produces one ring, then the call is answered. However

even though the status indicators for ET show a call in progress there are no voice prompts.


Based upon my experience with voicemail on a mobile phone account, when I call 500 I'm expecting voice prompts to guide me thru a

voicemail setup process. It may be that my understanding is wrong about this - so some help would be well received.


Otherwise I can send/receive calls no problem so VoIP seems to be set up okay.

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I am testing Axon PBX.


When I call extension 101 (configured with internal voicemail system) from another extension, it produces 3 rings, then the call is answered, but there is no voice prompt. Nevertheless I can leave a voice message.


Then when from extension 101 I call 500, it rings one time, but the recorded voice message is not played back.


I am doing something wrong?


I have to install necessarly IVM Answering Attendant?


I can´t find this option:

The Voice Prompt Settings can be found in the application Options under the "Prompts" tab. This tab displays a list of all the voice prompts that are used by Axon for various interactive features like the internal voicemail system. From this list you can listen to or change any of the voice prompts.

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