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Express Accounts - Cannot be opened, move to trash

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I am running Mac OS 10.7.4 and express accounting software. I updated the software yesterday, and since this was done, I am now unable to access the software. I get the following pop up : "ExpressAccounts" can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.


Then I click on the help icon and get this : The app’s authorization has been revoked

Although this app was signed by an identified developer, the certificate for this app has been revoked. There may be a problem with it. The app cannot be opened.


You should check on the Mac App Store to see if there is an updated version of this app, or check with the software developer.


Can anyone help!!?????

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Guest N C H_TM

Hi Andy,


From the NCH Support Team:


This only seems to be a problem with Lion (10.7.x).

It seems that MAC has triggered a security feature in 10.7.x that is supposed to only be in 10.8 called GateKeeper.

GateKeeper is set to not allow non-app store or unsigned apps from launching.


Here is a fix:


Gate Keeper settings are in System Preferences > Security & Privacy - make sure it's set to Anywhere.


This should work for most, but it seems not all.


If this doesn’t work, the MAC user might have to open a terminal session and run the following command:


sudo spctl --master-disable


and that will disable gatekeeper in 10.7.4.

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