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Any updates for Express Dictate coming?


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I have entered a few bug reports, but there have been no updates to Express Dictate for Mac since January 2012. Is the product still actively being developed? If so, could you provide an expected release date?

issues with Express Dictate:

- error indicates file exists when it does not. Clearing "send" folder resolves error.

- can't create new dictation (using hot key) until a dictation has been completely sent

- if Dictate is not frontmost app, and hot key to create new is pressed, Dictate does NOT move to front

- Hesitation before recording starts

- Custom dictation data not persistent (case# and pid are wiped out each time a new dictation is created)

- F17, F18, F19 not assignable as hot keys

- New Dictation OK button needs "enter", not "return"

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