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Sync doesn't delete at destination

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Hi There,


I've been playing with Fling to sync a folder on my PC with an FTP folder online. I want to use synchronisation to keep the online folder matched to the version on my PC. It seems to upload stuff OK but when I delete files/folders at the source they don't get deleted at the destination. It looks like I can click 'Housekeeping...' and then choose to delete the old files but I want this to happen automatically.


What's going wrong?




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If it automatically deleted you could end up losing files. If you have a USB stick plugged into your computer and if you had 100 files on it that you want to keep but the folder only has 10 them you would lose 90 files. Or if you plugged in the wrong USB stick you could lose everything. I am glad that it doesn't auto delete, auto upload yes.

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