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Inventoria future updates wish list 3.xx

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Currently running version 3.27



  • Drop and drag items into bill of materials from main list
  • Sort column by suppliers on main listing
  • Import supplier’s details when importing product csv files
  • Selectable custom sell stock drop down menu e.g. only shows products that have bill of material items contained
  • Create report of products with bill of material contained showing complete item list


Please feel free to leave your requests below

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Would really like to be able to print out purchase orders using supplier part number, currently can only print out orders with item number and all my suppliers use thier own part numbers, not mine. (running version 3.37 on mac pro in rosetta)

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I would love to see orders tied into the item list so that when you bring up an item it will tell you how many you have on order and the order number/PO number. Also in the order list screen it would be nice to have some way to identify what location each order is for.

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Both suggestions above would be VERY helpful to me. I'm in Canada, buy in Germany and sell in the US. I need different currencies within the same company.


When opening an item, I need to see:

1. How many in stock

2. How many on order

3. Then Ideal and Warn are fine.


Also, I would like to show the complete address of the supplier I'm buying from.


And finally, you should change "Expected Receipt date" by "Required Shipping Date".

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Hi, think your query is the same as mine. I want to be able to transfer say 20 different stock items from one location to another. But it appears that each transfer is only for 1 item....is that really correct, as that is absurd if it is. I may have wasted my money, so hoping not the case. Hope you can repl. Susan

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Yep, that is how it is currently Susan :/ it sucks, agreed - I want to regularly transfer a whole load of items out of storage to replenish sold stock and doing it one at a time is a ball ache... but with any luck the dev's actually read this and will do something about it! Or maybe we are just living in cloud cuckoo land...

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To be able to sort by any column on the reports by clicking on the header instead of having every report default to order by item.


Low Level Stock Report

To be able to have a consolidated low stock order level which gives a total of required stock for all locations against an individual item instead of multiple lines of the same item.

To have a column showing the quantity that each location is short of. I know we have actual, ideal and warn, but that leaves you needing to work out how many you are short and when trying to establish what you need at a glance having this column would help.


View Stock Transfers

Double clicking a transfer should open the Transfer Stock detail window so you can see what the transfer is

Transfer Stock detail window needs the Send and Receive options so that you can confirm from that window without having to come back out to the Transfer List window

Transfer Stock detail window needs scroll buttons so that you can scroll between transfer requests


New report - Stock Transfer Summary

Need to be able to print a list of stock transfers with criteria for selecting Status, Origin, Destination, Requested Date, Sent Date and Received Date


Making a Transfer - web interface & main application

When making a transfer the from and to locations need to sort alphabetically so they always appear in the same order


Sort order - main application

When sorting by column in the main inventory view, the items need to appear in alphabetical order. ie sorting by Location needs to add a second sort order by item name so the items per location are in a logical order. The web interface already does this.

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These posts remain without any input or reply from NCH.

I have moved on to Zoho where they have an Inventory System and Invoicing linked to their CRM system. Really like it.

Good luck to you all.

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