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Real Time Stock Levels on Main Item list

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Software version 3.27 Possible Software bug ?



I have created a number of items which have bill of materials in them


Once an Item is sold with a Bill of materials contained the main item screen should reflect what item are still available and in stock or out of stock




Product 123A


Contain bill of materials


Product A

Product B


The Software currently works out what is available for each item and adds them to 123A Product


Product A total of 6 items in stock

Product B total of 6 item in stock


Allowing a total of 6 x 123A Product available


But once the product is sold the stock levels change in the the sell stock menu but not on the Main Items Screen


So can't see if there is a low stocked item easily


Have found that if you sell only Product A and or Product B


The Stock level reflects in real time on the main item screen

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