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Caller ID detection -> US Robotics 56K?

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Hi, I'm testing VRS and so far it works pretty well, except for the fact that Caller ID is not detected at all by the program.

Modem is an US Robotics 56K Win INT.

If I open up a Terminal on COM3 (port assigned to the modem), when I call my phone I get



DATE = 0428

TIME = 0217




So I'm sure the modem has Caller ID, why it doesn't show on VRS?


And one suggestion: in the Recording Options, Record file name format, it would be nice to have an option to save the detected DTMFs / CID on the filename.

Example outputs:

280412-0228, Line1, OutXXXXXXXX.wav (X = Dialed number)

280412-0228, Line1, InXXXXXXXX.wav (X = CID number)


Keep it up! :)

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Oh well, too many suggestions. <G>

I think it is a bug in VRS because the US Robotics modem worked properly with all terminal programs I tried using COM3, maybe VRS doesn't autodetect the COM port properly, and it is missing manual COM port selection in the options.

Anyway, I replaced the modem with an Intel Ham 56K V92 and now CID detection works.

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