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Having trouble getting my live stream to work for mac users. I set my stream up as Flash using the following embed code:


<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=9,0,0,0" width="640" height="480">

<param name="movie" value="nchplayer.swf?host=Your_IP_Or_Hostname(FQDN):1935&scope=BroadCam&streamName=live&bandwidth=1&src=1&autostart=true">

<param name="allowfullscreen" value="true">

<param name="quality" value="high">


<embed src="nchplayer.swf?host=Your_IP_Or_Hostname(FQDN):1935&scope=BroadCam&streamName=live&bandwidth=1&src=1&autostart=true" width="640" height="480" allowfullscreen="true" quality="high" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer"/>



Any suggestions on getting my Broadcam stream to work when a mac user pulls it up?

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How to burn iTunes movies to DVD effectively?


This tutorial will teach you the simplest solution to remove iTunes DRM and then you can burn iTunes to DVD disc or convert iTunes movies to other video or audio file you needed.



iTunes is a media center where we can download music and videos easily. However, music and movies purchased from iTunes can be only played on Apple products due to DRM (Digital Rights Managements) protection. If you want to view your iTunes purchased movies on your home DVD player, you will have to remove DRM from iTunes first and then you are able to burn iTunes movies to DVD. Here’s we include the easiest solution to remove DRM and burn iTunes movies to DVD. Learn today and enjoy your iTunes media files freely.

Part 1 Remove DRM protection from iTunes

Media Converter has been recognized as the most powerful iTunes DRM Removal Tool which lets you remove DRM protection from iTunes easily. Highly recommended and you will be amazed at how it works. Here’s the step by step guide on removing iTunes DRM protection:


Step 1 Download DRM removal tool, install and launch it.

Step 2 Add DRM protected files. Or let Media Converter find DRM files by clicking Add button.

Step 3 Set the output file format according to your specific needs.

Step 4 Once everything is ready, click on Start to remove DRM protection.


Tips: This Media Converter can also remove DRM from other protected music and video files (iTunes, Windows Media Center, Napster, Pandora, Spiral Frog, Amazon Unbox, CinemaNow etc); it also works for unprotected video and audio files, support all common media formats.


Part 2 Burn iTunes movies to DVD playable on home DVD player

Regard to DRM protection removed iTunes movies, you may want to view them on your home DVD players. In this case, you will need a DVD Burning Software to convert and burn iTunes to DVD. DVD Creator is an easy to use iTunes to DVD converter software. Below is the detailed guide on burning iTunes movies to DVD:


Free Download DVD Creator for Windows 15.0MB

Free Download DVD Creator for Mac 20.4MB


Step 1 Load iTunes videos

Click on Load Video button in the upper left interface to locate iTunes movies, and add them to this iTunes to DVD converter. Drag and drop loaded files to the storyboard below to make further operation.



Step 2 Customize DVD menu (Optional)

Personalize the DVD menu by selecting from the built-in various DVD menus to make a professional -looking DVD. Of course, you may personalize your DVDs by adding transition effects, customize DVD menu templates, and edit downloaded movies, etc.


Step 3 Burn iTunes movies to DVD

Once you’ve added videos to the program, now you can convert and burn iTunes videos to DVD directly.


You’ve learned how to burn iTunes movies to DVD. DVD Creator also lets you burn all other kinds of videos and movies to DVD disc.



How to burn iTunes movies to DVD?


itunes to dvd

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Do you want to enjoy your favorite songs or radio programs anytime on the go? Are you tired of purchasing online music again and again? Just have a try on AllMyMusic for Mac which is specially designed for Mac users to record any online music and radio programs with original quality at ease. Moreover, the recording files can be saved as MP3 or M4A format to compatible with your portable devices.


This video is going to show you three steps to record YouTube music on Mac easily. Follow it and you can record your favorite audios from any websites like YouTube, MySpace, Pandora, Napster, etc. as you like.




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Some media files are protected by DRM, which makes people really inconvenient to enjoy music and movies on other devices. This video will show you how to remove the DRM protection from audio and video on Mac.


The video tutorial covers:

1. Download and install the program

2. Remove DRM from audios

3. Remove DRM from videos





Total Media Converter for Mac is a blazing fast combination video converter/DVD ripper that lets you convert video or DVD to any popular standard or HD format. Convert video to import and edit in your favorite applications like Final Cut Pro, or watch on almost any mobile device, including iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android, etc.

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Android Data Recovery - One click to recover all lost photos & videos from your Android


Accidentally deleted, formatted SD card on your Android phone, or lost all data on it due to improper operation and other reasons? This Android Data Recovery can recover any photos & videos generated by your phone or transferred from other devices, as well as music, documents, archives, and more stored on your SD card inside the Android phone. How? Scan, check and recover. 3 simple clicks bring your digital life back.


*Find back deleted or formatted photos, video, audio files from Android

*Recover lost documents and archives stored on Android phones

*Works with all Android phone models


How to use Data Recovery for Android


Here are the steps of how to recover your lost Android files with this Android data recovery tool. First, install and run the program on your computer.


Step1. Connect Android to computer

Directly connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable, without needing to take the SD card out of the phone. When it appears as a hard disk on your computer, the program will detect it as follow.




Step2. Scan lost data

After connecting the Android phone to the program, click on the "Start" to find out all lost data from the SD card on your Android.




Step3. Preview and check

All recoverable data are categorized as different file types, such as archive, audio, graphic, video, etc. You can preview the photos in original quality, and check the other files one by one.




Step4. Recover

Check the single file or the whole file type that you want back, and click on the "Recover" to save on your computer.




Related Tags:

android data recovery; data recovery for android; recover files from android

recovery data for android; Recover lost photos from Android; Recover lost videos from Android


recover data from HTC; recover data from Samsung; recover data from Sony Ericsson

recover data from Motorola; recover data from LG; recover data from Acer

recover data from Asus; recover data from Lenovo; recover data from ZTE Blade V880

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