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Delegate won't import wma files


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Everything is working perfectly except when delegate imports wma files from a ftp site. it works perfect with any other file type. I have tried mp3 and wav and those work. I have installed directx and nothing seems to work. I am a IT consultant and this customer is really wanting this to work. I have a paid copy of the latest delegate. It was purchased last week. I even have paid support. I never received a response from NCH. That is disappointing, Any help is greatly appreciated. And I have all file types checked in the options. And it did the install of the converter software and rebooted after the install of them. I want to say that I did see the WMA file work one time but I just can't be sure. Every time i put new ones in from the dictaphone the just lay in the folder on the ftp server and they are never picked up and converted....

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I looked under "robert@rabtech.com" but didnt see any open tickets. Please open a new one at http://www.nch.com.au/delegate/support.html




it was under rhbrinson@gmail.com

its ok, i have created a workaround for that issue after i sent in over 6 replies to the request from support for me to make a screenshot of the problem. AND NOT ONE REPLY DID I GET.


I would rather speak to someone in a foreign land that can't speak a word of english than receive this poor of an excuse for tech support. If I were you I would read this , think about it and then I dare you to reply with anything other that "IM SORRY" "CAN I OFFER YOU A REFUND FOR THE SUPPORT YOU PAID FOR"


If anything other than that, I promise I will copy and paste every request for support that I have submitted and emailed where I have literally begged for help ......


Not only will I paste it here but every medical and legal forum I can get my browser to pull up.


At first I was disappointed, then after the first few request and the days of waiting in between with no reply it turned to angry hate for a company.


Now I have the same problem many have on here "which I noticed there is no fix for" where you can't type in an email address in the auto incoming field in express scribe under delegate option. It pops up the balloon " invalid email Address" . So I just gave up. And now after spending several hundred dollars on delegate and pro versions of express scribe I have to go back to Olympus software....... Yea that is just great....

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