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Clear All Data and Start Over

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I am new to the program... I didn't make a 'test' company first... my bad.

Any way...now that I am comfortable and ready to start. I have some entries that I can't seem to get cleared out.


Can anyone tell me, is there a way to simple 'clear all data' ?


Thanks in advance for any help ;)

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you should be able to just delete the company file and it removes everything associated with it.

If anything is still there after the company file is removed you can just manually remove items, customers etc or just uninstall the software and them make sure that the nch directory on the pc is also gone and reinstall and start over.



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If you are using Windows (Vista or later), ExpressAccounts data are stored in ProgramData folder (it may be hidden). For example, on my PC it's stored at:

C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts


1) Exit 'Express Accounts' program

2) Delete above 'ExpressAccounts' folder and including all subfolders. OR (just to be safe) rename it to something else like 'ExpressAccountsBackup'

3) Run 'Express Accounts' program. It should start up with wizard to enter 'Company name' and other start-up details.


Hope this helps!

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Same problem: I would like to delete a 'Business' from EA 4.7.3, on my Apple Marvericks version 10.9.1. The Delete button is grey and not working. Furthermore, I cannot find the NCH Software folder on /Library/Application Support/NCH Software.

What should I do to delete a company/business and start all over again?

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Hi, I am setting up my chart of accounts and want to delete a couple of accounts I have added to Assets but I keep getting a message telling me the account has been used in a transaction and I can't delete it? I haven't even started to use the software so this can't be right.  Can anyone tell me how to delete it?


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