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IVM voicemail recording cuts off before end of message


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I'm pretty disappointed.

I bought the IVM programme, having been an NCH user for many many years.


I thought the IVM would work.

Sadly no.


I purchased the USB 2 voice board recommended on the NCH site to make sure it was compliant.


On playback...The IVM programme cuts the recorded voicemail short by about 3 seconds...

Pretty useless if someone is leaving a phone number to call back on.


I purchased the silver support... sent the log file to a guy...had a curt reply saying there is nothing wrong with the software - deal with Synway.

So I did...

There is nothing wrong with the voice board... the Synway guy was very helpful and suggested the problem was in the saving function of IVM


I then resent a help request with this data information included, and I sent it on the usual 'technical support' page...and the to curt man who answered previously.


To date... nothing!!

No response, no anything!!!!!! ZIP ZERO ZILCH!!!!!!


Here is the information from Synway again.


Hello Sharyn,

I checked the API log, i found they use ssmrectomem and ssmstoprectomem to start/stop recording.

For your issue, the stop recording will happened when remote end the call, it is ok in API log. then the NCH software will save the memory data to a file (.wav), but in wav file, we found some recording data loss, because in API log, we found the stop recording time is ok, the record memory data is there, i suspect the problem is cause the memory data transfer wav file, this is NCH did, i can not get any more information from our log, can you please talk about this to NCH guys for further helping? you can share this mail to them, also if they have any doubts, you can ask them contact me directly.








Best Regards,

Ivan Du

Synway Information Engineering Co., Ltd

Tel: 0086-571-88861158 ext 8350

Email: df@sanhuid.com

Msn: chris_du1013@hotmail.com




Has anyone else had the problem of calls being cut off.... and how did you overcome it?

It seems NCH are not interested in trying to help.

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