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Picture but no sound?

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Greetings to everyone.

I am trying to convert my old VCR tapes to DVD via EasyCap and Video Pad Video Editor but although I am getting the actual Picture in the Editor there is no sound.

I am connecting direct from the VCR Rec/Player through EasyCap to my PC (Vista home premium) if I load a "downloaded" video I get pic and sound? any help would be appreciated thanks.

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I have converted lots of old videotapes using a "grabber" A/D card like EasyCap. The one I use seems identical but is badged with a different name. However I never directly save into VP using the "Capture" option. (Although I have tried it out with my "grabber" in this way and it seems to work OK.)


Due to habit though,I always use the software that came with the "grabber" as it allows me to monitor the card's output on a preview screen with brightness/contrast/hue and sharpness control settings, and once the optimum values have been found, the output can be saved in a variety of convenient formats to the PC. (Usually MPEG2)


If your EasyCap software works OK and produces a playable file (including the sound,) then I would simply use this to generate your copy and then import that into VP for editing and DVD production.


Are the "downloaded" videos you mention obtained in this way?



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Nat thank you very much for replying.

I have tried the suit that came with Easy Cap (Ulead Video Studio comprising of video editor and movie wizard) but that does not work it will not even recognise the capture device (EasyCap) and seems to want only a cam recorder where as video pad editor and golden editor do recognise it and produce a picture but no sound?

I just wonder if I have a cheap knock off device @ just over US$9. Btw EasyCap does not need a card.

The Video’s that I refer to as playing OK with Vision and sound are YouTube d/l’s Thanks again mich

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"I just wonder if I have a cheap knock off device @ just over US$9."


Well, I can't comment on that :huh: . However, I was going by the images of EasyCap that I have seen. In fact I use "One Touch Video Grabber" which looks very similar.(These devices are in fact just USB analogue to digital cards.) However, I do notice that whilst it has the same input leads...S-Video, Red/White (audio) and Yellow (video composite) sockets (or plugs), at the output end on mine there is the USB plug on a short cable PLUS a green audio jackplug on a second cable. This plugs into the line input on the PC. On the images I have seen on the web, EasyCap doesn't have this jackplug, there is just the male USB plug. But as the sound input lines are there I have to assume that the sound is input to the PC via the USB and it should work.


Have you tried interchanging the red and white sockets (plugs) for the sound input to the EasyCap device? I don't really know why you get no sound. The answer may be very simple...anybody else want to contribute to this?


If you still can't get any sound using EasyCap, you may have to resort to recording the sound from the videotape separately. Plug in a suitable cable to the white socket on the VCR and the other end (jackplug) into the green socket on the PC. If your system is anything like mine you can then go into the control panel and open the sound folder (icon looks a bit like a torch....meant to be a loudspeaker.) From here you can configure the sound input for recording. What you see here MIGHT depend of your soundcard - mine is RealTek HD sound. With this setup you can now play the VCR and adjust the recording levels.


If you now go to your accessories folder you can open the windows sound recorder. Just enter where you want the file to save to and click the red Start button and Play the VCR. The input is saved as a WAV file in your selected folder which you can then load into VP and match up with the "silent" film.


It'a a possible way around this lack of sound problem, but I am sure there must be a simpler answer as to why it's not working.


Note that it is the same method that NCH Golden Records uses for copying vinyls. If you have a third party program that allows recording from a record deck/cassette player/microphone etc, (which usually includes a cleanup of the sound) use that instead of the Windows program.


Best of luck.



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I have a Kworld DBA Tuner TV that record from coaxial cable and from composite.


With 2 other sofftware I can see the video and listen the audio, but they have less video quality.


With Golden Videos I have a better video/image quality but the Sound Record Device only show Microphone it does not show my capture device so ithere is no sound.


Does any have an idea of what It could be?


Thank in advance,


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This idea can be added to Nat's idea on how to get sound into the computer. Look at the sound card connections in your computer. Most of them have both a mic level input and a line level input, while some have a combined mic/line level input (which the software automatically adjusts to). If you make a cable going from the white RCA output on the VCR, to the line level input on your sound card, you can get synced mono sound recorded along with the video you are capturing. If you are good at making cables, you can get stereo sound, if that's what you have to begin with. You can record to any simple audio recorder (I use Audacity) which can run in the background while you capture with your EasyCap.


BUT!!! The biggest problem people have with not getting audio out of EasyCap, is in not setting the several audio settings to use the EasyCap USB audio capture device, instead of the PC's sound card.


See this YouTube for more about this, and pay attention to the sound settings.

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