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Using Debut to record webcam and desktop together?

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Hey guys, I want some software that will allow me to record both my webcam and images on my desktop at the same time.


I'm looking to start doing weather forecast videos on YouTube and whilst I can easily do a face in front of a camera type thing, I reakon it would be much more interesting for the viewer if, while I'm speaking, I could show the charts and maps I'm basing the forecast on.


Basically this is the sort I thing I want to do;



From what I've read at various places it sounds like Debut is the software I need, but theres so many differing opinions about this sort of software that I'm not sure, so before I download it, I thought I better check that this is what I'm looking for. :)

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You can do this in 3 steps:


1) Open the application / background you want to display.

2) Use the software that came with your webcam to "preview" and make sure it is visible on the screen.

3) Use debut to capture everything that you can see on your screen (MP4, H.264 compression, quality = 36, sound 96 kbps yields good quality and small file size).

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I have been using screencast-o-matic free version to do this.


I downloaded Debut free version to use it for better quality, but can't

find how to do this with Debut.


I can record any screen and sound with my mic.


I can record my webcam and sound.


But I don't know how to get them together like screencast does.


Don't have what FarrisB suggests.


This thread was posted over a year ago, but I think the same is true today.




Luis Antonio

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I JUST figured out how to do this!

open debut.

under tools in the menu, select camera overlay.

select enable.

now in the drop down, select integrated camera, or whatever you desired camera is. 

you should see yourself in the bottom right corner!

glad I could help!


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