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paypal credit card gateway

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Has anyone here ever get the PayPal Credit Card Gateway setup and working I am tring to get this to work for the last 4 days. PayPal have been very helpful.


All the info PayPal have given me does not work. The error message I keep getting is " This credit card gateway is not properly configured.


I have tryed before to get it working and have asked NCH for help and have been told it to do with PayPal.


I can use the setting PayPal have give with other software and it works

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Well my friend I am in the same boat.


I will never buy a product form this people again. They sell product and do not offer support. I feel like I have been scammed.

I just purchased express account 2 weeks ago, I thought I would have had a few months of support but when I click on send support request, they ask for a payment of 33 dollars.


Now I am left like you with something that does not work, over 350 people looked at your question, noone replied. Not even one of the support guy took 2 minutes of his time to reply to your question.


I went on their help page and it says(for express invoice which should be similar):


You should already have a PayPal account.

Enter the API Username and Password provided to you from PayPal.

The Gateway URL is https://api-3t.paypal.com/nvp, though you may want to test the gateway in the sandbox using the URL https://api-3t.sandbox.paypal.com/nvp.

For API Credentials, you will select 3-token Authentication and enter the signature provided by PayPal. If you have your own SSL certificate, select Client Side SSL, enter the certificate password and browse for the certificate file.


I tried both, nothing works I keep receiving the message "the credit card gateway is not properly configured.



Anyone with a bit of knowledge please?




Thank you,




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Hi Ben


I have tryed every which way to get it to work and did not get any thing to work. If I get time over the next few days I am going to have another go at it as I need to take credit cards on the go.


I will keep you posted on my finding and will post how to get it working if I work it out.




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Hi There,

Yep I too have the same issue.  I was getting the not configured now I'm getting a SSL error.

NCH have responded with a debug to run and I have sent it off to them.  If I can get this to work then pretty much this programs does everything I need and I will be very happy.

Although since installing the debug I now have a bug and the darn program hangs.........anyway will update with what happens.



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