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Trouble installing drivers for TELCTAUSB4


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Hi Folks,


I purchased a TELCTAUSB4 device and IVM and am having trouble getting it installed under windows 7 professional(32bit). I have version of the SYNWAY drivers. WhenI run the "Test" program it gives me an error indicating that "Initializing master-board failed! BoardID=0. Fatal error @hwinitBoard(): Can't find [boardID=0] BoardSerialNumber 4231366656 Voice Card!"


IVM runs, but does not pickup any lines, I suspect it cannot find the board either, although the CAHTA ines are shown under the telephony settings.


Any advice / assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone can offer any telephone assistance to speed this process, I would be happy to call you (have world wide free calling) at your convenience.


Regards, Dave Melnyk



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Hi Folks:


I was using a windows 7 32bit Virtual Machine under VMware Workstation 7. Appears drivers don't load well in this VM, although it loads fine under a windows XP Pro VM under Workstation 7.


Have not tried under a straight set up of Windows 7. If anyone has any other info on this let me know, but guess for now I have to use a Windows XP Pro VM for this system.

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