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.ape tp mp3 or .aiff conversion... how?


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I have converted .ape files to mp3, just dragged the .ape file into switch converter and it converts my "cdimage.ape" file into a "cdimage.mp3" file,

which the mp3 file plays fine.

Note, I am on a PC, but I assume they would use the same encoder or whatever for a mac?, but maybe not.


My problem is, I want to use the cdimage.ape.cue file to reconstruct the cd songs into individual mp3 songs.

I know the individual songs are in the large cdimage.ape file because if I double click on the .cue file (.cue files came with the .ape files) it opens vlc player and I can see the individual songs. I can skip to the next song, etc, just like a CD with the vlc player.


Having the whole cd in one large mp3 file is not desireable, unless you want to listen to a 1hour + song every time, on your ipod or whatever, you have to listen to the whole album every time.

Windows media player will play the single large mp3 file, but will not separate it at all. You have one song, the whole CD. You have to drag the slider hopeing to find the song you know is there, but you're not sure where it is in the single 80 mb file (most mp3 songs are about 5 mb in size).


Any help on separating the individual mp3's out of the ape file would be appreciated.

Does "Switch" have this function? I think CUEtools will do it, but it seems "not simple" when I tried it.

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