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Express Accts & Inventoria Sync

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I also want an answer to this as i bought Express Invoice, Express Accounts & Inventoria as a package but can't seem to sync them up.

To make matters worse the inventoria kept comming up saying there was an update so i selected ok and it downloaded and updated then told me i need to buy it.

Could not get back to original so now inventoria does not work...i may have to buy something else if i cant get this to work.

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I guess there is no one monitoring this forum to help us with answers.

As far as I can tell, these two programs are very limited in what they can do at this time. The interesting feature is that they are available online to other locations of your company or if you are out of town. But other than that, Inventoria just lists inventory and Express Accounts just lists invoices. You have to enter your items in Express Accounts separately I guess.

They advertise the software as having allot of features. I don't see it yet. Programs seem limited. I can't seem to find a decent inventory and invoicing program. Don't like Quickbooks that much and Filemaker is limited. You would think someone could put out a logical and effective program that covers the different business options for invoicing and inventory. If you know of one you really like, please let me know.

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Guest N_C_H_NIK

Does the item numbers i uploaded into Inventoria be available Express Accts?, Or do i have to enter individual items in Express Accts.

I need to know before i pay. Does the two program sync/connect?

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