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Refund for my Order


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Respected admins of NCH software,


I ordered this software from you: "Switch Sound Format Converter Plus Edition ($29.99ea): $US29.99"

and i heard from the support team once asking me to send them my hand written letter telling that i destroyed all serial # and ID and software Etc and i sent that, and since then i heard no response from you, i want to know when will you issue my refund? i did not activate the software nor did i download it and i had to ask for refund as the software has no support from ram files which i need the most and that's the only reason i bought it. i am user of Mac OSX and i have no windows computers/laptops.


I earnestly ask that you issue my refund as soon as possible.

i hope to hear your response and feedback. i appreciate your services very much.

Kindly please reply and let me know when you will issue my refund.

Thanks a lot.

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