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Pocket Dictate iPhone app- setting up gmail as server


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When I try to set up gmail as email server on Pocket Dicate (PD) iPhone app, I receive the following error:


"Encryption required for requested email server. Please check your email settings"


Things I've tried:


1) Turned off SSL setting in server set up view in PD

2) Turned off HTTPS secure setting within gmail


Asking for more suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Several days have gone by with no response from NCH support on my above issue. Pocket dictate is an iPhone app that now doesn't work completely with the new OS 5 on iPhone. Fortunately, the hardwired "Voice Memos" app in iPhone has been updated for OS 5 and I've gone to it for dictation. The file type is m4a which is, apparently, supported within Express Scribe (according to my transcriptionist). I'll dump the Pocket Dictate.

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