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Noise Reduction

Guest M

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I don't have an external microphone, so I use the computer's built in microphone.

I tried adjusting the Recording Control settings. The recordings now seem louder, but no clearer. I've tried using the noise reduction in Wave Pad, it seems to sometimes cut out what I've recorded, or makes it quieter; I'm not sure I'm using it correctly. The noise I hear and want to reduce sounds fuzzy, hiss, it justs sounds like I'm recording on a very low quality tape; it seems to only do this when recording an instrument.


Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to reduce noise using Wave Pad?


Would using a quality external microphone help?


What else could I do to reduce the noise?


THank you for responding

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Hi M:


I had this same problem. The built-in microphone picks up all the mechanical noise of the hard drive and blowers. It may be fine for a little impromptu dictation, but not much good for anything else. I picked up a cheap ($12) plug-in microphone at Radio Shack and it may a world of difference.



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