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Recording from a cassette

Guest M

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I want to record from a cassette to the computer. The directions for doing that are to go to the Record Dialog, then select "Line In" as the audio input channel in the record dialog. I can't find "line in" in the record dialog, nor in my volume control settings.


Can someone help me to locate the "line in" setting?



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Hi M:


Whether you even have a "line in" will depend on your computer and its sound card.


Right-click on the little yellow SPEAKER icon in the SYSTEM TRAY, and select OPEN VOLUME CONTROLS. Now, click on OPTIONS, then PROPERTIES.


In the box labeled "Adjust Volume for" click on RECORDING.


Under that, there is a list called "Show the following volume controls." Put a check in every box. Be sure to scroll down -- not all the choices may be showing. Click OK. The little window will close, and VOLUME CONTROL panel change to a RECORDING CONTROL panel.


If you sound card supports a LINE IN, there will be a fader for it here. Put a check in the SELECT box under it.


The exact labeling of each of these panels will vary depending on which version of Windows you have. I have described the labeling for Win2K, but yours may be different. (For example, in Win95, the VOLUME CONTROL panel is called MASTER OUT, and the RECORDING CONTROL panel is called WAVE INPUT. These two panels have confused Windows users since the beginning. Bill Gates keeps changing the labels trying to make their usage more clear. Once you get the RECORDING CONTROL panel open, you can open another instance of the VOLUME CONTROL panel by right-clicking on the yellow speaker icon again, and you can have both panels open at the same time.)


For even more detailed info, here's the best description of these panels I have found:



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