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real audio rax file

Guest wendy

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Hi Wendy:


There is some talk that the RAX format is a "protected" format and can't be dubbed, saved, or converted. (Real uses some protected formats for baseball games, etc.)


However, TOTAL AUDIO CONVERTER claims to be able to deal with the RAX format. It's shareware ($20), but there's a free trial download available that seemed to be fully functional. It installed and uninstalled fine. It did not appear to contain any viruses, spyware, or adware. It would not install on Win95.




If you try it, please tell us how it worked on your RAX file.



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Wendy and Jerry,

I downloaded TotalAudioConverter and tried it on some old .rax files I had ripped in 1998 on another computer. Looked promising but got the "Can Not Open File" dialog. My current XP drive does not have the protection decode password on it. If I can resurrect my old Win98 box that originally encoded the files (and if TAC will run on it!) it may actually work.


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