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Can't play mp3 in WavePad

Guest Jenny

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Hey, when I open an mp3 file in WavePad there is major static and the song can't even be heard at all. I tried opening the file with winamp and windows media player and it was fine, but I tried opening it in RealPlayer and it was the same static sound.


I have my sound card right and I'm pretty sure it is layer 3 format like the troubleshooter says. So why isn't it playing?!????? I don't know what else to check/do. PLEASE HELP!



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Hey yourself:


Is this only with ONE particular file -- or are we talking about a problem opening ALL MP3 files in WavePad?


If it's only one particular file, my guess is a damaged file. Here are some things you can try to repair the damaged file.


A free MP3 repair tool:





Try opening it in MP3DIRECTCUT (freeware)


If it plays there, SAVE it with a new name. Maybe that will write new file headers on the copied file, which might then play better in the other applications.


Good luck.



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