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how do you adjust balance

Guest NJ

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Is there a way in Wave Pad to adjust the stereo balance? I need to turn down the right channel (or adjust the balance to the left channel only).


Alternatively, if I could just delete the right channel and make it mono, that would be ok too.




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Hi NJ:


That's a good question! There's a choice on the EFFECTS menu called STEREO PAN with an adjustment for LEFT-CENTER-RIGHT, but there's no description of its (intended) operation in the HELP file. In playing around with it, I cannot get it to do what you want it to do. But, I'm not saying it doesn't work properly -- I'm just saying I can't figure out what it does.


Maybe one of the WAVEPAD grownups can help out with this one.




EDIT (20 minutes later; $20 poorer): If you get impatient waiting, I found one that does exactly what you want -- and I didn't even have to consult the help file to figure out how to do it:



They have a trial version that you can play with, but you can't save any of your changes until you buy it. (It won't work at all on Win95.)



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