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combine more tracks to be one


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Hi Artsuhtaraz:


That's easy!


Load your first song into WAVEPAD.


From the EDIT menu, select "Insert File..."

then from the little teeny window that opens to the right of "Insert File..." select "End".

An "Open Audio Files" window will open.

Pick out your second tune.


Repeat the above 4 steps (starting with "From the EDIT menu") until all your tunes have been added.


From the FILE menu, select "Save File As..."

A "Save Audio File As" window will open.

Give your combined file a new name, and click SAVE.

(Note: You can also elect to save your new file in another format at this point. WAVEPAD will default to WAV file, but if you open the "Save as type" dropdown, you can pick MP3 if you want.)


You're done!



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Has anybody ever had anytrouble with this?


I am trying to take a rather lengthy audio book and make two large mp3 files out of it.


Now it is in .wav format (I recorded it from tapes) in about 7 different capture files.


I tried opening the first capture in wavepad, then adding each succesive file to the end in turn.


This appeared to work, but wavepad seems to get lost and the files get all messed up.


Is there a problem in the coding of wavepad that causes it to get lost if it is forced to try to handle too much data?

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Hi Guest:


It depends on how "lengthy" you are talking about. The issue of WAVEPAD's handling of LARGE files has been discussed before:




Since you're starting with MP3 files anyway -- and if they don't require any fancy doctoring that WAVEPAD is good at (that is, if you're just pasting them together end-to-end) may I suggest MP3DIRECTCUT? (Freeware)



It can only handle one file at a time, but you can open multiple instances of it. Start by opening a COPY of your first chapter, then open the second chapter in another instance of MP3DC, highlight the whole second chapter with CTRL+A, then copy it to the Windows Clipboard with CTRL+C, change "focus" to the first instance of MP3DC, put the cursor at the end of the file with CTRL+RIGHT ARROW, then paste in chapter two with CTRL+V. Change "focus" back to the MP3DC with chapter two in it, and open chapter three there. Repeat the cut-and-paste until your complete book is assembled in the first instance of MP3DC, and SAVE it.



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Very easy to add files end to end and create one large file. use home, open, open file and select all of them in one step. they will open in multiple tracks. use edit then join, batch join. a window will open with all files to the left. add all to the right side then join. a new file will appear, save it and you are done.

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What I want to do, is cut a piece of a track, and add it into the end of the track, this is to change the track the way I want it to be. I want it to end with the opening guitar entro,  then fade it out.  I had a wave editor before that came with another program, and I knew how to use it. This one operates differently, and I am stumped at this point, as how to use it.  I want the simplest solution. Cut and paste and combine. 

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