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view / hear effects during playback

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New member here in need of help.

I am running WavePad (v5.4 for intel) on Mac (OS X 10.6.8) and want to be able to view and hear effects as I add them (before actually applying the effect to the wave). I can get the preview pane up, but the effects do not have any "effect" whilst listening to the track. The help files quote

"The result of applying certain effects can be previewed using the play button in the Effect dialog. If you modify the effect parameters while previewing the file, you should hear the changes taking place. For this to work properly, we recommend using either ASIO or DirectSound as your sound playback system".


So what is meant by ASIO or Direct Sound, will this solve the issue, and how do I setup the required sound scource??? :unsure:



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We apologize but we cannot test this software version because we no longer have a computer running on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6.8). I did however tested our latest version for Mountain Lion and there are some effects that does not have preview option but most of them do.

Feel free to test our latest version from our website.

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