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I have problems would love to purchase this if i can get it to work i have a siemens speedstream 4100 and a airlink router 1st off is there a modem/router setup that is broadwave friendly that i can purchase that would allow me to take the step necessary to set up my system because absolutely nothing has worked except for listening on another cpu on the same network there are many teachers out there giving different instructions i hope coming directly to you guys allows me to gain some comfort in the setting up of this product

thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the forum.


Almost any router/modem can be configured to work - you need to ensure that it allows "port forwarding" to be configured. Some do this explicitly, others are configured in two stages. I haven't used either of the two you mention, but in My Netgear DG834G, it needs to be configured in two stages, firstly to define a "service" which identifies a port number or range or port numbers for a specific purpose, and then set up a "firewall rule" to divert incoming traffic for the specified service to a predetermined local address.


It's also very useful if you can define a fixed local IP address for the PC running Broadwave.


If you can listen on another PC on the same network, it confirms that Broadwave and that PC are set up correctly, you just need to consider the router.


Note that some home routers do not support "NAT Loopback". That means that you cannot specify your external IP address locally - you can only use it if you are outside your own local network.


Also, note that some ISPs will block traffic on selected ports. The default port 88 used by Broadwave is blocked by some ISPs, particularly mobile data networks, so I recommend you use a different one, e.g. 8818 or similar number, which is not assigned to another service (as 88 is).


Going back to the routers you mentioned, have a look at the manuals and check you've got port forwarding set up correctly, and try a different port number too, just in case. If you have any questions on what I've written, just add a reply and I'll try to answer when I can.

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Thank you for your reply 1st off if you are currently broadcasting could you share your link with me so that I can tune in, next if you are ok with this I was wondering if you could maybe help me with this setup I will even purchase the Netgear DG834G, so that there is something you're familiar with I really would like to get this up and running sometime soon,but before i make this purchase I will try the things here you have suggested.


Thanks Again.

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Hi again,


We don't broadcast publicly, so I can't share a link, unfortunately, but we do use broadwave as a studio-to-transmitter link and for remote management by our station manager. I'm happy to help as required, though I don't visit the forum every day. (I'm a happy user, no connection with NCH, despite the number of posts of this forum!).


You probably don't need to buy a new router, it's worth starting to look at the one you've got. If you get stuck, send me a private message via the forum with a link to the user manual online.

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