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Upgraded on Mac and need old program to access data


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Hi and sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm a bit of a novice with upgrading etc. Previously I've been able to upgrade my versions and my old data was still in the new version. However, today I have upgraded to Mac OX Lion and realised my HourGuard wasn't compatible. I downloaded the newest version and it asked if I wanted to replace the file and I said yes. Mistake!


Now when I open the new HourGuard it is TOTALLY NEW - doesn't have any of my old Tasks or time that I haven't yet billed for. I finally found the HourGuard data folder in my Time Machine backups but I can't restore the old information because it's not a 'backup file'. I obviously can't create a backup file if I can't open the old version of the program. I don't have Applications backing up in Time Machine, so I can't just restore the old version.


Can anyone help me? I obviously need the new version but still need my old data. Suggestions please?? I don't know how my clients will go if I am just guessing what to bill them!


Am I able to somehow get the old data into the new version?


Many thanks in advance,


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