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NCH software does not offer user friendly support. A question asked when contacting Support,is have you viewed the User Forum? A view of the Forum shows a number of questions, most with varying numbers of views, but very few with replies and none that appear to have come from a technician.


NCH have only limited information available in Help, and no YouTube tutorials for example. My Debut program, five months old, had so many features that didn't work, and bugs, it was necessary to purchase an Upgrade

with a total of 84 fixes not all of which have worked.


My point is that NCH should make sure that a technical person reads and replies to Forum members questions. I am sure not all users are experienced to a professional level.



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Further work has shown that each time the program is opened, go to Options > hot-keys > Box for System wide hot-keys > uncheck > recheck > Click OK. Then you can be sure that they will work. Viddy

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