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Is there a limit for input file size?


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Sorry for the delay in the response. I checked with our developers on this issue and have some information. We are longer updating Slice, because we have a product that operates similar to Slice with more available features.


WavePad is going to be a product you should try. We have a free version available here:



WavePad allows you to cut sound clips out of larger files, similarly to Slice. WavePad improves on Slice by also allowing users to reduce noise from the clip or add effects.

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Thanks for the response, even though it is well over two years late!!!!


The problem seems to be one of file size and not duration. I *think* the problem occurs at the half a gigabyte threshold, though I have not tried to narrow it down exactly. I have one file that is less that half-a-gig and works with Slice but, due to a difference in bit rate, has a longer duration than a file that is over half-a-gig that does not work.


It is kind of you to point us to the free version of WavePad, but that is clearly not a useful substitute for Slice. In Slice I can request that a file be split into 100 parts, for example. Slice figures out how long each part should be, and creates 100 files. If that feature is in WavePad, it is not obvious. I can select and save parts of a file, but to do that 100 times, manually, would be ridiculous.


Slice is a perfect too for dealing with audio books. WavePad (unless I'm overlooking this capability), not so much. Some online audio book sellers now send HUGE (like 30+hour) books as one file. It's much safer to slice it up into smaller sections for listening. More than once I've had a player lose track of where it was, and fast forwarding 16 hours into a single audio file is quite annoying, assuming I even had an idea of where to scan to...


Look, I realize Slice is a free tool, and support is totally at your whim, but please re-consider correcting the issue with large files. I don't need any additional features, I just need the current feature set to work properly with large files.

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Solution to large file showing as negative number for "length"


I was able to split the audiobook file (14+ hours, nearly 500MB) into two mp3 files by using the free audio editing program Audacity.

When I opened the resulting files in Slice, each showed a positive number for "length."

Slice then had no trouble splitting them into as many tracks as I wished.

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