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External Device Issues


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Let say

Device A, B are local devices ,

Device C, D are external device .


If I try to dial from C to a country phone number , everything will be OK .

So there is no problem with port forwarding on server .


If I try to dial from C to any other device (A, B , D) it will dial , the device will pickup the call but I can hear nothing .

If I try to dial from country phone number and pickup from C , same problem .

Same with D


Also C, D have the same problem with uplink (Skype) . When I dial to Skype number , Uplink picks up the phone but I can hear nothing .


Devices A , B works OK between them , using country phone numbers , and with uplink .


I used ATA (LinkSys pap2t) , Express Talk , 3cx Phone , same problem to all of them ,


I tried

- using with / without outbound proxy .

- in pap2t changing prefered codec .

- in pap2t changing RPT ports (from 16.xxx to 8000) .

- Reseting my Router .

- Port forwarding ports 5060...5090 (tcp/utp) and 8000...65000 (tcp/utp) [after fail i set it back to 5070 utp , 8000...8100 utp -server works to 5070- ]


Any ideas ?


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1) @Server: Disable all of virtual network cards and i left active only the Local .

2) @Axon: options -> network -> Local SIP / RTP ports = External SIP / RTP ports .

3) @Client: Delete from router all unused redirections .

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