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Import and/or Upgrade Query


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Over in the Express Invoice forum, I've posted my issue that I'm having with EI and comboboxes. I'm not sure if it can be resolved, or even what's causing it. In the event that it can be figured out though, I have two alternatives going forward:

1) Upgrade to the paid version of Express Invoice, or

2) Start with Express Accounts (paid).


I like both of them, and although I've had problems before with EI the paid EA program I've since used elsewhere is working far better than I expected it would.


Does anyone know if it's possible to import 'everything' from EI to EA? I have several 'businesses' in my current EI (really just different parts of the same business), and hundreds of items, customers, invices, payments... and I would need to import them all to a new install of EA.


Has anyone done this before? Did it work, seamlessly?

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