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Debut is sold with a three month period for free updates. When one examines the recent updates No.s 162 and 163 for example, it is apparent that the software is sold with far too many features that do not operate correctly and

require fixes. My version, five months old, required one free update and recently the latest paid update, to bring it up to what I consider an acceptable level of performance. It does seem that we, the users, are testing a

Beta version of a program and are then being charged for the problems we find to be repaired.


When the price of the updates is added to the purchase price, it quickly becomes obvious that one of the alternative programs offering a greater range of features and reliability of operation, would have been a much better buy.


I have quite a number of purchased programs, and Debut is the only none that offers only three months of free updates, ( it is also the only one that has required so many fix updates ) all of the others have free updates for twelve

or twenty four months, obviously they have a much greater confidence in their products.


If Debut is going to need a paid update every three months, it becomes a very expensive piece of software, and Debut and NCH become difficult to reccomend to prospective users.



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