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Is BWSAS the right tool for me?


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Hey all :-)


Was just looking here and there other the Net to find something that could do the trick. What I'm looking for is a streaming server that can play randomly all the music I've got for my friends all around the world. I got about 1200 titles (for now), and I'd just like to create my own "radio" channel on the Internet, and those 1200 titles would play randomly, over and over, on that radio.


Can I do that with BroadWave Streaming AS?

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yes, I believe it can. I use BW for streaming live audio, but I know it can relay files stored on the computer provided they are in the correct folder(s). Why not download it and give it a try.


There are a few people ont he forum that can hlep if youhave a question, though we don't always look at it every day so please be patient.


If you are using Windows 7, have a look at my two posts on setting up the streaming ports and selecting the audio source.

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Actaully, I've re-read your original post, and think that I may have misunderstood. With Broadwave you can stream the live audio from Line In, or can serve up existing files from the hard disk if you know their name.


If you are looking to deliver a program of music to the speakers of your PC and also stream it to allow others to hear it, then Broadwave will do the streaming bit. Many people use another program to generate the music, for example Zara Radio which is a radio automation program. I think that NCH's Zulu DJ software may also do that, but I haven't used it so cannot offer advice there.

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Thank a lot for your answers, KenA.


I do need streaming, as my requirement is as follow (simplified in order to make it easier to understand):


- I got a local directory on my computer with 10000 music files (can be .mp3, can also be converted audio, like BWSAS does)

- I have a Windows 2008 server running IIS with several WebSites configured on different ports. I can easily use an existing WebSite or create a new one for my purpose

- I'd like to create a "radio.mywebsite.com", on which users can easily connect and listen to the streaming audio coming from this server. They cannot choose to listen a song, they just connect to the streaming audio.

- The streamed audio simply plays the 10000 local files in a random order 24h/day


Zara Radio is "just" a player, WinAmp could also do the trick for that purpose I think. What I need is streaming my audio on a Website.


I hope it's more understandable this way :-)

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Hello acechan,


Yes, Winamp & ZaraRadio are "just players" which generate sound on the "stereo mix" output of your soundcard, i.e. the sound you hear if you plug in speakers.


Broadwave is "just a streaming server" program that can stream out the audio from your soundcard (via the "live" stream), or can serve up a pre-existing audio file from the appropriate folder on the hard disk, assuming the URL issued to Broadwave specifies an existing file.


The clickable link on your website is just a URL which tells Broadwave what to do.


An example would be (without the spaces) http:// yourIP : portnumber / broadwave.asx ? src=pplaylistfilename to serve up a pre-programmed (by you) list of audio files,


Or http:// yourIP : portnumber / broadwave.asx ? src=ffilename to stream an audio file called filename,


Or just stream the live sound from your soundcard: http:// yourIP : portnumber / broadwave.asx ? src=1 etc


If you choose the live option, you need a program like winamp or Zara to generate the audio, or in fact any other audio player.


So, depending what links you have on your website, you could have any or all of these different options.


Hope this helps.

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Yes, it helps! I could create a script that generates a random playlist every week for example, and use that in conjunction with a http:// radio.mywebsite.com (:portnumber)/ broadwave.asx ? src=randomplaylistfilename command...


Nice, I'll give it a try next week :-) Thanks again for your precious help, will be back to give you a feedback.

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