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Can't connect from my 3g phone - Solved


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I was helping a friend set up Broadwave, and we got it working internally, i.e. we could connect from another PC inside his network, and it worked when we connected from another PC across the internet, however when we tried to connect to his music stream from a 3G mobile phone, it refused to connect.


We eventually found out that the network provider blocks port 88 (which is normally used for the kerberos security protocol), and it's also the default port number used by Broadwave.


Instead we chose another port number, in the 8000+ range. We configured Broadwave to use that number, changed Windows Firewall settings, and updated the port forwarding configuration of his internet router.


And this time it worked when we connected from the phone using the 3G data network.


So, I though I would post this useful tip - that the default port of 88 may not necessarily be the right port number to use in all cases!

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Did this go anywhere from here?


With an IPhone 4G I managed to ge my straem using the 88


http://my ip:88/broadwave.m3u?src=p&rate=1


Came in load and clear using the Safari Browser.


I would also like to get an App made so that it would also show some images while the music played.



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i think the problem was his mobile phone network. I got it to work to my phone using port 88, however his network blocks port 88 to phones, as this port is also used by Microsoft for domain authentication, and that would not be permitted to phones. It didn't surprise me that his network blocks port 88.

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