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SoundTap Hotkeys Not Working?


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Hi everyone! I'm looking to start a series of Youtube videos in which I help folks defeat rather difficult games (right now exclusively on PC) and I've run into a minor issue. You see, I use SoundTap in tandem with CamStudio because for Vista recording audio with CamStudio is a lot more trouble than it's worth for me. I found SoundTap to my liking but I can't seem to activate both at the same time with the same hotkey, Ctrl+R. I'm already able to get over this by clicking the record button on Soundtap and the Ctrl+r hotkey for CamStudio at the same time for the best results. However, I can see this becoming an annoying hassle later on, and it could also make the editing process more difficult, and I'd like to see if some of you have any better ideas or understand why this is not functioning properly. The file works and saves just fine, but I wanna be able to start them at the same time, so that the audio and video will line up properly in my editing software later on. Thanks right from the start for any help you can give. *Crosses fingers and hopes it's not something simple*

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