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Membership Websites ??


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Hi I have a membership website where people have to pay to join it. I have used other software in the past to stream live video for my members, but just found BroadCam Video Streaming Server and I tried the free trial and it was the easiest to use so far. The part that gets tricky is this...


I want to ONLY stream in the member's area of my website so ONLY members of my site can see it. If people cancel their membership to my site I don't want them to be able to see my streaming video anymore until they join my site again. Is this possible to do with the BroadCam Video Streaming Server and if I pay extra for support will they help me set this up? Thank you for your time, I hope to hear back from support. I tried to contact support and got in a round and round of FAQ's and never found a way to actually contact support. Please contact me and let me know if this is possible with this software!

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I have the exact same need as you mentioned on your posting about a membership site.


I want the cameras to feed from the local PC to go to a heavy duty web server at another location with good connectivity. The remote web server will render the web page with the video.


All the systems I have found thus far function as a web server themselves on the same machine as the camera.


BroadCam is great, but it both collects the camera input and ALSO functions as a web server.


That means that you can have VERY few simultaneous users

1. That PC is NOT a heavy duty server

2. Generally the internet connections at such a site are very slow.

3. It is also VERY easy for someone to go around your main membership web site security and just go directly to the BroadCam server IP


I am looking for software I can use to at one or more remote sites and at each remote site there is a dedicated PCs with something lke BroadCam to “Send” (“Feed”, “Push” or whatever the term is) the output from the cameras (and possibly audio) to a central Web server running Microsoft Windows Server using IIS for web pages at a central location in another city.


That will mean it is NOT exactly Real Time (maybe 30 seconds later), but short of a something like Helix server from RealNetworks (a LOT more money) this is as good as it will get.


My intent is to have a high end web server capable of rendering numerous different web sites and many pages with the various camera feeds and their past recordings to many users and all users be validated on that one central web server. I MAY have to include a messaging server to receive al the feeds (Push), but I am NOT sure.


Those PCs running at the remote sites running BroadCam would **NOT** render the web pages. They would just send a video/audio feed to the main central web server. Hopefully the remote camera sites would NOT even need an open incoming internet port.


It sounds simple, but I am not able to figure out HOW to do it.


If you have any suggestions, it would certainly be appreciated!

Joel in Houston

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