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Express Scribe Hanging on Mac


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Ever since I got my new Mac Pro (10.6.8) Express Scribe has not worked properly. I used to have a PC so maybe this is just a problem with Express Scribe and the Macs in general but when I sync my ES with my files and it pulls them all in, it usually puts them in a random order instead of numerically (based on dictations from Express Dictate software sent via email). Then if I am listening to a dictation at the top of the queue and happen to jump to one maybe third or fourth in the queue, Express Scribe will freeze and make a loud almost beeping sound. I have to wait to Force Quit it once the program allows me to.


I have emailed NCH numerous times about this to no response. If anyone has any ideas please help! I've also just installed the new Intel version and there seems to be no change. I have uninstalled the software but I think every time I do that there are some components left on my Mac because when I reinstall my preferences are still there. Please help as I use this software daily and can't keep stopping and restarting every time the software decides it wants to stop working.


Also as another aside, if I've opened my ES at any point and then attempt to shut down my Mac, the Mac ends up hanging on the blue shut down screen and I have to force the shut down. This doesn't happen at times where I haven't opened ES on my computer. Any ideas?

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