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Can't Listen Live, except across VPN


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New guy here - go easy on me :-)


I am trying to troubleshoot my inability to "Listen Live" to a particular radio station that uses Broadwave to stream their audio. I am on a laptop using Windows XP, and Internet Explorer 7.


Here is what I've found so far...


If I connect simply via my wireless router and cable modem, the stream does NOT get delivered to me. (All other Internet sites work fine, though.)


However, if I connect across the same infrastructure (wireless router / cable modem) but use my corporate VPN on top of it, the stream comes down just fine. Note that my corporate VPN also includes a Web Proxy server as well.


I did some packet captures, and I found that, when I'm on the VPN, my laptop does a GET of, followed later by several GET's of Windows Media Player launches and begins playing the stream. All is good.


But, when I'm NOT on the VPN, the laptop never even *tries* to GET, or any derivitive. Any ideas why this would be?


Obviously, I can simply listen across the VPN, but I am trying to help out this radio station (my daughter works there), since it may be that they have something mis-configured, or that their users need to be instructed to follow some particular sequence to get this to work.


Thx all.



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Hi, welcome to the forum,


That URL works fine for me (using Firefox on Ubuntu), so my assumption is that having had the VPN connected, you have some sort of static route defined. Try rebooting the laptop and try to connect to the stream without dialling the VPN first.

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