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Does Broadcam support streaming from two cameras?


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Title says it all.


i.e. switching between the two cameras from time to time.


Well..., actually..., the title doesn't quite "say it all", but here goes:


1. BVSS can stream as many simultaneous livestreams as you bandwidth and CPU can handle.

2. The Flowplayer (see the tail end of my most recent post: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=15895 regarding Flowplayer use) has a configuration script you can use which will switch, at pre-defined intervals, between pre-defined multiple streams, either in sequence or at random (shuffled).

3. Have either a hardware (Grass Valley, etc.) or software (MediaLooks, etc.) Video-Switcher/TBC. This solution is okay if you are independently wealthy. (costs BIG $$$$$$).


The **really easy & free** solution:

4. Get the most current version of a **free** (yay!!!) program called ManyCam (Google it). It is a "virtual" video capture device which plays nicely with BVSS. It will recognize & make available all of your video capture devices within its interface/gui and then you set BVSS to use ManyCam as its capture source. From within ManyCam you can do real-time/dynamic switching between your various device sources. It also plays/broadcasts any & all of the videos that you are capable of viewing on your own computer (codec-wise..., if you can play it, then ManyCam will play it). It even has a separate "Playlist" section which allows you to add your video capture devices as Playlist Items (for designated periods of time) in addition to adding video/audio files.


Good luck,



"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

-- Hunter S. Thompson

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