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recording digital extensions on an analog PABX

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Hie everyone


i know there is the "Handset Model Call Recording Adapter TRI (CRTRIRADP)" but it is described to facilitate the recording of ISDN or VOIP PABX extensions .

(1)I would like to get clarity if these adapters are the only way to help facilitate recording of digital extensions using the Axon vrs? cause they defeat the purpose of secrecy and security measures the we are trying to implement using the vrs.

(2)Are there no telephone boards that can record digital extensions/phones with out using this external adapters?

(3) I would like to know if a switchboard/attendant console on an analogue based pabx is considered as a digital handset in the Axon vrs scenarios , because a switchboard/attendant console on an analogue based pabx only works on the specific digital extensions on the pabx though the pabx is analogue .the rest of the extensions use pots/anaolgue handsets .


please help cause am thinking of buying the PCI telephone board without the Handset Model Call Recording Adapter TRI (CRTRIRADP)and use it on the switchboard/attendant console.



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