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Watermark Removal on Videopad


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Obviously the logo/watermark was put there for a reason but ignoring this, it can be done, but not easily.


A lot depends on how big it is and whereabouts in the frame it is. Most methods use the following ideas.


Using a program to blurr the watermark. The logo is simply blurred and made less conspicuous. The program uses parameters set by the user.


It may be possible to actually remove the watermark. With this method the pixels of the object are overwritten by copies of the adjacent pixels and the resulting area smoothed.


Both methods can apparently work. I have done a few in still images using the second method where it takes time and patience and the results are excellent, on a film it may not be as successful as it would have to be automated.


You could try Virtualdub, there are lots of filters available, some of which can be incorporated into VP.






There is also Watermark Master. a program for adding watermarks, which, I think can also be used to remove them from film.



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