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Axon doesn't work with CISCO 7970g 7975g 7961g

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Axon doesn't and can't work with many cisco phones.


The reason:

Axon ANSWERS the REGISTER message on the same port the REGISTER message came from.


The problem:

Cisco 7970g 7975g 7961g (and many other models) accept messages ONLY on the port specified in the "Contact-URI" field (5060 is the default).

And they will ignore messages sent to any other port.


So if for example they issue a message from UDP port 49190 to port XXX of axon, axon will answer the REGISTER message to UDP port 49190 instead of the port that the phone specified in the contact-uri field.




Message coming from UDP PORT 49154:



Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK14e45a69

From: <sip:22@>;tag=001bd5130153000257f199ec-958d7373

To: <sip:22@>

Call-ID: 001bd513-01530002-d636388e-13a8fbdd@

Max-Forwards: 70

Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 08:08:57 GMT


User-Agent: Cisco-CP7970G/8.5.3

Contact: <sip:22@;transport=udp>;


In *THIS* case the 7970g wants to be contacted on port 5060 of ip address but AXON PBX wrongly sends the answer back to port 49154.


That works with a cisco 7940 because it sends the REGISTER request FROM the same port it then uses as the contact port.

That doesn't happen with all other models.


I sincerely hope the next version of AXON will work with cisco phones too since they are widespread in small business companies which may want to use axon instead of the freeware TRIXBOX (which in my opinion os good but too big and difficult to handle for many people).

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