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Put Temp, Delete, Rename?


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I just purchased Fling to update my website. Since I am sending live files up, I need to use the "put temp, delete, rename" strategy otherwise you will get a "File Not Found" error on the site. These are large files and take a while to upload. Other ftp utilities that I have offer this option. Am I missing something?




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I'm just bumping this one to get some more attention to it.


I have used FLING (free version) for many years now and while iit is a GREAT software utility, I have always wished the FLING had the option to allow it to upload one or more files using a "temporary" filename to the desired destination and to then automatically rename that temp file to the actual name of the file. This should be the STANDARD mode for uploading files especially for those of us using FLING to maintain our websites. Without this feature, I and my customers routinely get File Not Found or Access Forbidden errors on my websites.


Is there any chance that this could be incorporated into a future version of FLING?


Thank you for a great package - this small improvement would mean making it even better!!!

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