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I'll take try at your question and it is a good one.

Perhaps setup an account in the Accounts tab and call it Refunds--enter as an expense ? for the category/classification.

I would use the customer # or transaction # or invoice # to create a paper trail showing that a Refund payment was made to the customer #_________.

Editing the invoice could be an option ? Write a check to the customer using the invoice # customer # etc in the check memo field or setup a separate checking/bank account just for refunds and be sure to tie each refund to a customer name / transaction # / invoice # --- this way would give you a quick look at your refunds.


Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.



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you can always just click on the menu item called sales then create new credit note.


To see the menu make sure you click the little down arrow to the left of the help icon in the top right hand corner.



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I just tried this and it worked :)


Goto view - Invoices - double click the invoice you want to refund on and enter a new item but make the value a negative value of whatever it is you are refunding.


This way you can also refund amounts of parts of the invoice and have a clear record of it.


Just one way to do it.




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