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Payments and Purchases

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I noticed that when recording a Payment/Purchase the transaction defaults to Payment. For purchase transactions this can not be changed until the transaction is recorded.


So what is the difference? If I bought some printer paper from OfficeWorks - do I record this transaction as a Payment to OfficeWorks?


BTW I am using the Mac version 4.02 of Express Accounts Plus.

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To answer your question. To make a Purchase transaction . click the Green Link Make a Payment or Purchase Transaction > In the Payment or Purchase window under the words Account Allocation the under the Number Button > click in that box and a drop down will appear with all the Account numbers Purchase should be Account 005 unless you have changed or edited your Account Numbers > Fill in all blocks/spaces for each entry.

To view your Purchases click the View button on the menu bar or the View Journal quick link ( in blue on the list on the left on the Home Screen ) On the Journal window set the Start & End Date then look for Account: > from the drop down pick Purchases you should see a list of all your purchases.

In the Journal entries ( all ) I believe Purchases still show up as payments.

Your transaction to Office Works could be done a Check, Purchase, Payment, Credit card --

Hope this helps

Brad USA


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